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Multi Farm Meat CSA 

An opportunity to connect you with where your food comes from

Why CSA?

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Twin Brook Farms/Quails R Us Plus Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a joint venture between two neighboring farms. We have combined our resources to offer a CSA that supplies every livestock meat group. Our CSA offers a variety of "shares" of what we produce on the farms to customers in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York. Members purchase a "subscription," and in return, receive meat from us every month.  This helps our farms’ cash flow and gives us an opportunity to know the people who eat the food we produce. Customers can add additional items to their pickups by ordering directly from our online store.

For more information:

CSA Commitment Form

CSA Monthly Weight Distributions

CSA Overview


Our Shares

Quality you can taste

Full Shares

Family Size

Full-size shares work well for families and groups of 3 or more people, and 2 people if you are heavy meat eaters and cook at home most days.  You can make a lot of delicious, healthy meals out of 20 pounds of meat each month!  Take a look at the monthly weight distributions to see how much of each meat you can expect each month.

Medium Shares

Small Families

Medium-size shares work well for 2 people.  Our medium shares translate to less than $25 per week, or about a quarter of an average $100 weekly trip to the grocery store.  

Small Shares

All the meats!

We also offer a Small 9 lb Everything Share.  With this share, you receive 3 lb chicken, 3 lb pork, 1.5 lb beef and 1.5 lb lamb.  It runs about $80 per month or $400 over the course of a 5 month season. 

Low Cost Shares

Great for families with small children

Our Basic Value Standard share is our low cost share. In this share you can expect Quails R Us Plus signature all natural chicken. Our grass fed beef will come entirely as ground, and the pastured pork will be either ground pork or sausages.

Meat CSA Season

2 Seasons: WINTER and SUMMER

Our delivery season is five months. The summer season runs June to October.  


We have a second season that runs five months from December to April.  


You can join at any time point in the season, but we ask that you commit to the rest of the season.  We are happy to pro-rate shares if you join mid-season. 

Specify a Location for Pickup

When you sign up for a share you will specify a pick up location. This is your pick up location for the whole CSA Season. If you would like to change your location mid-season just give us a call to make arrangements.

Delivery Sites


Pick Up Information

We utilize our various farmers markets and winter dropsite delivery locations as delivery sites for our CSA.

Once you enroll in the CSA we send out the list of pickup dates for the season.

If you cannot attend a CSA pick up date, don't panic! Just let us know and we'll be happy to adjust your drop date to a day or location that works for both of us. 

Drop Off Locations:

Milford, PA

Hawley, PA

Scranton, PA

Barryville, NY

Honesdale, PA (seasonal)

On Farm

Meet our Farms

Twin Brook Farms is a 7th generation family farm jointly managed by Erik Roneker and Cassie Schweighofer. Twin Brook Farms is best classified as a hay and livestock farm, though we do have a half acre in vegetable production, an apple orchard, and our own bee hives. We care for over 700 acres of farmland with little to no external inputs. This means that our pastures and hayfields are fertilized with our own manure and compost and we never use pesticides or herbicides. We pride ourselves on supplying a high quality, great tasting product. 



Quails-R-Us...Plus! is a dream born with “Grandpa Rico” peddling poultry from horse and wagon out of Harlem NYC. Rick Franciosa and Linda Cruz have crafted Quails-R-Us…Plus, a true farm to table experience! They have been immersed in all aspects of poultry production, live poultry markets, farming, harvesting, and marketing, for their entire lives! Upon that foundation of experience they bring you products produced with a simple goal in mind:  to produce great tasting, healthful products grown by nurturing hands under humane conditions. Quails-R-Us…Plus utilizes natural techniques and special diets which are hormone and antibiotic free. They utilize all natural grains, grass, flax, and alfalfa. Their chickens and turkeys are free range and free roaming. They enjoy sharing the bounty from their little family farm and providing their customers with a great tasting, local, farm to table experience. The connection to their customers is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. As grandpa Rico always said, “When you love what you do… it’s easy.”

Is a CSA right for my family?


***Returning Shareholder Credit***

Share customers who would like to renew their commitment with our Multi Farm Meat CSA can receive share adjusted credits. Thanks for pledging your support to us… again!

            Full Shares: $30 credit

            Medium Shares: $20 credit

            Small Shares: $10 credit

***Refer a Friend Program***

Seasoned shareholder customers who refer a committing friend to our Multi Farm Meat CSA will receive a $25 credit. The new friend will also receive a $25 credit!

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, but make sure to send me an e-mail detailing who you referred to our CSA. I will acknowledge your credit as soon as payment posts for your friends share.

***Must pay via cash or check to be eligible.***

  • Superior Taste and Quality: Our meat is full of flavor, and all of our animals have permanent access to pasture.  Follow our social media pages to learn more about what breeds we raise and how we raise them.

  • Buy Local: Many of our members want more of their money to stay in the local economy.  We're near where you live, and we make every effort to buy from local suppliers.

  • Convenience: Our members receive their drop-offs at their local farmers' markets or winter pickup locations. What could be more convenient?  

  • One Month Supply is a Perfect Fit for most Freezers: Many of our customers purchase a share because they desire the strait from the farm quality, but don’t want to purchase and store a whole animal for a year. Our monthly supply keeps the dinner table exciting, while ensuring that you will never have to purchase a huge freezer for your farm fresh meat.

  • Responsive Customer Service:  Meeting and exceeding your expectations is very important to us.  If there is anything we can do better, please let us know.  We are constantly trying to improve what we do.

  • Know Your Farmer:

    • Twin Brook Farms is a long time family farm. They have been farming the same land for over six generations. They are devoted to their land and are making every effort preserve it for future generations. They are always happy to answer questions or share the latest farm drama.

    • Quails-R-Us...Plus! and the Franciosa’s have been in the small scale poultry business for over three generations providing outstanding poultry and value added products. Above all, they are committed to the customer and strive to provide outstanding service and support.

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