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The farm maintains a large flock of commercial ewes. There have been a wide variety of breeds mixed in over our 30 years, but we have been breeding primarily with Registered Dorset Rams from K Bar K Farm for nearly a decade. By selecting for mothering, milk production, and multiple births, our ewes produce lamb for purchase year round.

About Our Animals

All lambs are born on the farm and rotationally grazed during the grazing season. We allow lambs to self-wean. This low stress process provides succulent lamb that is often milk fed well into the 60-70 lb range. Should we consider it necessary, Twin Brook Farms reserves the right to offer supplemental creep to our youngest lambs and goats or lactating mothers, especially during the coldest months of the year.

How To Order

Live lambs are available fresh off farm for eating or growing out.

Lamb availability is limited certain times of year. February - June availability is strong. Please call to check if we have lambs at your preferred size. Goat kids are incredibly limited on our farm these days! 

For larger market lambs please contact us in advance to request your lamb. We'll give you a timeline and grow your lamb to your specifications.

Halal Lamb

Here at TBF we have been a source for clean, farm fresh, halal lamb for more than 20 years. We work with many Muslim families who are celebrating festivals, births, holidays, or just feeding their families. 

Making things simple...

  1. Call us to make an appointment to visit our farm.


  1. Handpick your lamb.

  2. We will weigh your lamb and you'll pay for it!

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